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benjamin.furet le 30 juin 2018 à 11h28
Saturday : Same=similar,Try,Purchases,Over there,Then=so, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium & Among
Sunday : Boring, Crane, Screwdriver, Desk, ,Belly Button, Plate, Air, Call back, Three & reception.
Monday : Either… or…/ Neither… Nor, Noise / opp. Quiet, Shy / opp. outgoing, Honey, Mow the grass, Lawn mower, Lazy, Shelves, ,Overlooks / Overhang & Front yard  / Backyard
Tuesday : Then, Them, Right here, Already, Annoying, Their / There / They’re, His (m), Her (f), Him (m) & however
Wednesday : Before, This, Paragraph, Care / daycare, Could / Shall / Must / Have to, Able, That, Than, Disappoint & Take care
Thursday : Against, Sweat, It’s up to you / Hope, Without, Even / even if, Key holder, Nothing, Prove, Ask & So
Friday / Saturday : Allow, Intended, Lobster / Oysters, Cheap, Laughed, Laughing Out Loud, Upset, Worry, Borrow, Somewhere, Somebody, Something & Sometimes

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