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Day Three

thomas.gourmelen le 10 juil. 2018 à 18h46
Yesterday night I ate the desert which I made in the afternoon. and it's very good I said that because I made this desert :) . after that I was allowed to feed the chickens. 
Today I ate in a restaurant where the waiter love  football a lot. at the restaurant the  richard's sister wanted to take a selfie with me and she did not know how to take a selfie and I had to teach her. it was very funny.
After that richard took photographs of shadows. for that we had to lie down and a woman said "are you ok? " because she thought we were dead : )) . after that I also saw a Tesla. it's strange to see that in a little village. it's why it's unusual. 


tesla and ThomasEllie in the shadowsHost family and ThomasThomas teaches Gillian to SelfieThomas in the shadowsphotographerDessert Thomas madeFeeding the chickens

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