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Friday 13th July

maelle.grammont le 13 juil. 2018 à 17h59
 Last night, I made flap jacks with Chloe. It's an Scottlish cake. It's really delicious. Then I watched the film : Rip Tide. It's the story about a Model left to go to Australia because in New York she fell in the staircase and a woman filmed the scene and put it on internet. So a lot of people joked about that. It was a good film but I think, I preferred the other film : The boss. Then I went in by bedroom, I read, I listened my music and I slept. 
Today there was Chloe and Mark's friend at home, we ate the breakfast with him. After I went with Chloe to Megève market. There were a lot of luxury shops such as Hermes, Longchamps, Colmar, Baobab, Ladurée, etc. At Ladurée, I bought one pistachio macaron. I love pistachio macarons. In this shop the saleswoman thought I was english because I was with Chloe. Later I made two more necklaces. One brown, orange and red, and one grey and blue. I had lunch with Chloe, Mark and their friend. This afternoon, I had my lesson. I talked about sport. And after that, I wrote my scenario, I coloured in my phone and I watched photos in Pinterest. 


making flap jacks making flap jacks

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