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olivier.labyre le 14 juin 2018 à 20h50
Today, I went to the Aosta Valley,  to go there we used an English car it's was so funny because I have never ridden in an English car. We used the tunnel of Mont Blanc it's a big big tunnel and when we are arrived in Aosta Valley we went to Fénis Castle. It's a good castle with a beautiful view and with a big royal story. After the Fénis castle I had a picnic of sandwiches.

Afterwards I went in Sarre Castle and it too had a beautiful view. Inside the castle there was a room which had only animal heads, amazing. Then we went to the Roman Town of Aosta but we didn't visit the Roman ruins because I was tired so I just bought an ice cream.

Then we went to a Supermarket and we bought Italian things. And finally we came back home.


Sarre CastleFeris castleFeris castle

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