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10 Tips for British people living in France in the run-up to Brexit.

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 15 nov. 2018 à 07h20

Chances are, if you are planning to live in France permanently, these are things that you have been thinking about doing for a while and putting off. Well, now is the time to buckle down and do them! 

British Council Teaching Resources for B1/B2 learners for UK Anti-Bullying Week

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 13 nov. 2018 à 14h28
Anti-Bullying Week in the UK is 12-18th November.

Useful C1 British Council Teaching Resources for discussing screen-time with your student

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 06 nov. 2018 à 15h08
Most homestay teachers know the challenge of hosting teenage students who seem to spend too long on their screens.

"Learning Beyond The Classroom": Felicity Fallon to speak at TESOL France Colloquium

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 05 nov. 2018 à 17h08
Felicity is delighted to be invited to speak on the subject of “Homestay Teaching – helping immersion students SWIM not sink”. 

Un "moment magique" tout en anglais pour mère et fille dans les Pays de la Loire

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 11 sept. 2018 à 12h02
Régine et sa fille Aurélia, 11 ans, des parisiennes ont passé 5 jours dans une famille hôte en Mayenne. 

Angelo, 15, from the South of France, discovers the Haute-Vienne in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 08 août 2018 à 07h48
A homestay is not just about staying with an English family, it's also about exploring a new region of France with them. 

Anne réussit son brevet d'anglais et remercie sa famille d'acceuil anglaise en Suisse!

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 02 juil. 2018 à 10h44
>Anne, ancienne étudiante my English Family (été 2017), vient de passer l'oral de son brevet. Selon Anne, l'immersion en anglais a été la meilleure préparation...