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Third day : having fun to the swimming pool and eating donuts ;)

lucie.charbonnel le 27 juin 2018 à 18h13
The weather was nice and warm today, maybe a bit cloudier than yesterday.
At 8:30 this morning, we woke up and had a hot chocolate at 9:00a.m. Then we walked through Bannalec's city centre. We bought donuts at the bakery, and at the market vegetables and fruit. I also bought a pretty scarf and two Gwanadu flags. After that, Rebecca invited us to the "Bistrot du centre", a little café where Quentin and I had a second hot chocolate and Rebecca a coffee. We ate little donuts and we returned to Rebecca and David's house. I read until half past twelve. For lunch, we had Venezuelan meals, like little cakes in which we put ham, cheese or tomatoes.
During the afternoon, we went to Pont-Aven where we visited the Tremalo's chapel, and to the swimming pool. It was great, but very tiring as we played in the water for an hour. So when we came back, we had donuts (Jenkyn, one of the dogs, tried to steal mine !)
Now I'm doing my blog, and soon we'll have dinner. Then, we will maybe watch a movie. 

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Bettinajeu. 28 juin à 09h56
Hi Lucie!! What are Gwanadu flags? Never heard of them, can you tell me? It seems you're enjoying your stay. Bettina

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