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Day 4 : Visiting Concarneau and baking cookies !

lucie.charbonnel le 28 juin 2018 à 18h12
Today we had a wonderful weather, sunny and warm. I think it's quite rare in Brittany !
I woke up at 9:00a.m. and had breakfast with Rebecca and Tinquen (Tinquen and Cilu are our new names ;). Then we went to Concarneau. We saw an exhibition about the Breton's costumes and visited the old city centre which is located on a small island. After that we had lunch in a restaurant, "Le Chalut". I took some chicken with tagliatelles and a mushroom cream. For dessert, I had a small strawberry cake. It was just delicious !
We returned to the Pugh's house at 2:30 p.m. Everybody rested and then we watched a tennis match while baking a giant cookie.
Now we are doing our blogs and we'll probably walk the dogs or play with them afterwards. And I think we'll have dinner in an hour or two.
As to me it was a great day ! 

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