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My English Week

manolo.cacheux le 08 juil. 2018 à 12h47
Sunday 1 July
I arrived in Les Carroz and I met Gill and her family. I settled in and I found my mum's house keys so my parents came back to take them. Later I helped Gill to do the chili con carne, I chopped the onions.
Monday 2 July
Monday morning, I watered the plants and we walked the dog. On the road we visited a textile Workshop. They gave me some cream because a horsefly bit me, we climbed a cliff and we picked and ate wild strawberries.
After lunch, we went to Chamonix with Charlotte's friend. In Chamonix we visited the town, ate an ice cream and we saw the  eighteenth century architecture .
Afterwards we went to Passy Lake and we swam, it was refreshing, Miel (dog) didn't want  to swim with us because he is scared of water.
At dinner, Charlotte and Sam's cousins came to eat.
 Tuesday 3 July 


Tuesday morning, Gill gave me english lessons.
Then, we went to the market and we bought cheese and vegetables, I met Hugo, Charlotte's cousins' baby.
We watched the match between England and Colombia.

England won the match with the penalty shootout: 4 - 3

During the match I helped Gill to cook sausages and ribs on the barbecue.

To finish the evening we played cards with a game named SHED.


 Wednesday 4 July

I woke up and had breakfast then I went to the town with Charlotte and Miel to join Gill.

We went up in a bus with the pilots to do paragliding.

At the top of the mountain we jumped off the mountain and flew in the clouds. Twenty minutes later we landed in a field.
In the evening, I went to the swimming pool with Charlotte and Gill, it was so good.

Afterwards, we did lessons about ‘Contractions’.

Charlotte swims very well. I slept on the side of the pool and I read my book.


Thursday 5 July
Thursdays morning we took Charlotte to Geneva Airport and on the way we ate a sandwich in a park.

On the way back Gill and I had an oral lesson with ‘Question Forms’ plus shetaught me about tongue twisters:  << Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper>>


Thursday afternoon I played ping pong with Sam, we stopped because it was raining. Russel Gill’s friend came on his motorbike from England.  In the evening we ate with him, we talked about the Brexit and the driving rules in countries like England, France and Germany.

We taught him how to play SHED.


 Friday 6 July
We woke up early to visit a holiday centre, and then we returned home.

I saw Gill and Russell do Tai-Chi; it’s a Chinese martial art.

Before lunch, Gill taught me how to play Backgammon and Russell went back on his way.


We went to the library to pick three movies: Intouchables, Demain tout commence and Lalaland.

We saw the match between France against Uruguay: 2 – 0.

We made pizzas and we ate them, we saw the match between Belgium against Brazil: 2 – 1.


 Saturday 7 July

I woke up and I ate Porridge, it was very tasty.

I walked the dog on my bike in the field.

We went to the rafting spot and I dressed in a wet suit, a life jacket and a helmet.

I took a bus to go high in the mountains. Afterwards I went with a French team to do rafting. It was really good.


When I finished the rafting I waited for Gill. We went to a village nearby.

 Gill saw the match of England with her friends and we visited the American Festival, it was very cool.

We went back home and I ate barbecue with Gill friends, I played Hide and Seek with Miel.

Sunday 8 July 
 I woke up and Gill cooked an English breakfast with bacon, eggs, bread, tomatoes and mushrooms.


Passy LakeWatering the plantsAt theTextiles WorkshopClimbing a cliffPicking  wild strawberries Wild StawberriesThe view from Les CarrozChamonixMarket PlaceWith HugoThe match The barbecueParaglidingParaglidingLandingPlaying SHED with RusselMarmiteRussel on his motorbikePorridgeRaftingGelly

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manolo.cacheuxjeu. 05 juil. à 14h34
Hi Manolo! It seems you are having a real full week! How was paragliding? Were you scared? Bettina from my English Family

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