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Imprimante 3-D et le badminton : les découvertes de Benjamin, 15 ans, chez une famille franco-américaine en Franche-Comté.

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 10 juil. 2018 à 14h44

"Today was a great day because I played badminton with Mikael. Badminton was very fun, but physical. I learned to run and swing with my racket. Mika is a really good player, he won every game. Even though I did not win I still had a good time and I never gave up. I hope to play Badminton again even if I am a beginner.


My family misses me even though I am having fun without them.


I’m very lucky because Mika let me use his 3D printer and I made a unicorn for my mom while using a software system in English. This is a good learning experience because it’s actually difficult to create models using a 3D printer."


Thank you Amy and Mikael for being such great hosts!


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