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Sunday 8th July

maelle.grammont le 08 juil. 2018 à 18h10
Last night I arrived in myenglishfamily with my parents and my little sister Louise. Chloe showed me my bedroom and my bathroom. After that, I watched tennis with Mark. It was match at Wimbledon in London. The players was an english man : Edmund and Djokovic. Chloe and Mark were for Edmund but me I was for Djokovic and he won the match. Then, Chloe and I picked strawberries and raspberries from garden. I had dinner, I ate pasta with pesto and strawberries and raspberries with meringues and cream. After I went in my bedroom, I went to have a shower, I brushed my teeth, I read, I went in my bed for listen music. And I slept at ten o'clock.

The second day I woke up at nine o'clock. I had a english breakfast with bacon, eggs, mushrooms and cup of english tea. But before I had muesli with milk and one glass of fruit juice. Then I went in my bedroom to brush my teeth and tidied my bedroom. I had my first english lesson at ten. It was about learning vocabulary. After I made two necklaces with Chloe. One it's for me, it's brown and pink. Other is for my mother or my friend, I don't know. It's white and grey. It was great fun and good ! I had lunch, it was ploughman's lunch, with bread, cheese and chutney. I loved this lunch ! This after noon I went with Chloe and Mark to the lake in the car. The lake's name is Lac de Passy. There were lot of people and lot of games. We walked around the lake. And after we came back home. I wrote my scenario in the garden.


lac de passy

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