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Sunday 8th July

gabin.legall le 08 juil. 2018 à 21h43
we watched the Croods in English.  I stuck photos in my vocab book.   
my new words: knife, knives, pen, pens, fork, spoon, tooth, teeth, tissue, paper, brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, tomato,  Cheese, ham, bread, crisps, space, capital a/b/c.
I understand:  time for a shower, time to brush your teeth, do you want to watch a film, what do you want in your sandwich? do you want to jump?  do you want to call your mum?  be careful it's slippy in the shower, you need to cut out the photos and stick them in.
I understand better: A / E / I / Y / R 
today, we went to the beach in Sciez.  we ate sandwiches.  and we jumped from the jetty in the lake.

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