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Wednesday 13 june

maelle.grammont le 12 juil. 2018 à 16h44
Tuesday evening, Mark did a barbecue. I ate two sausages, one steak, one red pepper and some salad. It was delicious. After Mark and I watched the football match : The French versus Belgium. I was scared for France. But we won the match 2-0. I was really, really happy !  At the end, I went in my bedroom. 
Wednesday, I had a lesson. I talked about photography, music and I watched little videos on the BBC. After we didn't eat the lunch because we went to a hospital for Mark. For his eyes. We had lunch after; pasta with bolognese. Then, we went to a concert/ recital of a traditional story in French with music. It was cool, but Chloe didn't understand. After, we came back home and Mark and I watched the football match : England versus Croatia. But I went in my bedroom before the end of match. So I didn't know who won.

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