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albane.lemaire le 23 juil. 2018 à 20h50
This morning, we walked Max the dog. Then, I made a list for the supermarket, we bought vegetables, liquid cream, cupcakes molds, and sandwich bread.
After the meal, we went to Papiliorama. First, we visited a giant greenhouse with inside hundreds of butterflies of different species. Second, we went to another big greenhouse, but this time, plunged into darkness with enough light so we could see the different animals inside. Ther was lazy, arboreal porcupines, night monkeys, kinkajous, ocelots, armadillos, and dozens of bats ! Third, we visited a tropical rainforest reproduction of Central America. There were toucans, pink spoonbills, iguanas, and other birds and mammals. After, Sebastien, Morgan and I played on a course that represented the monkey enclosure. Finally, we visited a little zoo with inside rabbits, hens, big pig, goats, ducks, and peacocks who cried nonstop. When we came back, I read for half an hour and then Morgan, Sebastion and I played football in the garden. Then, we ate barbecue skewers, a hot dog, garlic bread, and couscous. After, we ate an ice cream in the garden. Then, Morgan and me watered the plants. And now, I write this blog.


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albane.lemairemar. 24 juil. à 09h49
Felicity here: Wow Papiliorama looks amazing Albane. Your animal vocabulary is very impressive - well done!

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