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The Chill Monday

julie.guichard le 23 juil. 2018 à 18h06
Last night, I ate a bolognese pizza, it was very delicious. After the pizza, I played with Chloe and Mark the game Cluedo. I've never played this game and it's a first time but I like this game even if I lost. I went to my bed to sleep. 
I woke this morning at 9 o'clock and I went to have my breakfast with Chloe and Mark. Mark and I did the gardening and took the bad weeds that had grown. Then, Chloe and I started to make some bracelets, bracelets for the ankle and Chloe did necklaces. I did a bracelet for Chloe. We had lunch outside, we ate some bread, melon and cheese. We continued to make the bracelets all afternoon. And Chloe and I went to the farm to buy milk that I ate with some cereals. 


Lunch outsideAnkle bracelet Bracelets

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julie.guichardmar. 24 juil. à 09h34
Felicity here: I love the bracelet you made Julie! Very pretty, and good idea to put it on your ankle instead of your wrist!

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