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Oops a day late, cookies and water fight

angelo.berzolla le 26 juil. 2018 à 21h31
Yesterday I made cookies.  It was easy.  I put in chocolate and flour an egg sugar and butter.  The result - very good cookies.  They have all been eaten - miam !!
I am covering my  face in the photo because the sugar smelt bad. 
Later in the day we had a water fight with balloons.  I can do the knot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will filled balloons with water and we threw them.  We named the balloons Bobby and we put some number after the name in the order they were created.  We played with them on the trampoline bouncing them.  It was good fun.  We all got very wet because sometimes the balloons popped.
We walked to a farm where they make sheep milk cheese.  They also have kittens.  When i returned home I said to Mark that we had took a kitten - his face was very funny!!!
In the photo I am at the farm and I am stroking the dog.
On the way home we met Ena and Rene.  They have a beautiful garden.  They also have a hornets nest - we saw it, it was impressive.
 Tomorrow we are going to a little theme park.
Bye for now  


cookies!!!Water fight

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