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charles.simonet le 26 juil. 2018 à 10h41
My morning routine ... etc

So this morning ... I don't remember all but
I know we have take the car and we go at Morzine
In the village, there was a market so Gill left us near of a bridge , after to have cross the bridge we are going to the differents stands and it was a perilous adventure for my nose because there was a lot of bad smells as cheese, meat , fish and chère where a lot of people and One guy with a cheese/meat stand who use two ventilators for help the stand's smells to be propagate . He was sing loud , wrong and it doesn't want to stop but It was quickly settled since I went drink a coffee with Gill and miel. He started to rain when we was on the terrace .
Gill and me thought it was the holiday for the primary school's pupils so she leave the mini bus in front of the school and when I went with Charlotte at the car there was a woman with a short black hairs and a grumpy face , she was probably a teacher for the childs . By the way she was angry and she complained about the bus in French , we have understand but she did it too in English like if we could take the keys and move the car alone in brief she was Boring and I don't care to her monologue in several languages .
After this I stop the circulation ( staying on the road , like a tree ) for Gill move the little truck.
So next , we went in a market call Casino and we buy sandwich and crisp . I eat mine on the parking during the others stay in the car. When I was looking for a bin I took miel with me and I practiced my accent with the matriculations plaks, I said the number and I spelled the alphabet letters. Hereafter we used the little train for reach azorias . I don't want to go swim so I kept the dog and he was thirsty so I try to find a puddle but there was like if there are never rain. When I going to abandoned I have see a lake so I said why not and I started to walk . Three hours later Gill quitted the pool and we have drink an hot chocolate and one coffee at the same time she beated me to sead
3 times... When the sun came back we went to the giant chess game and she beated me too .... 😥
A little bit before the end of the game, the girls got out to the swimming pool and we went to the parking for come back at the Inferno but when we was at the hotel there was a lot of people with a terrible musique and I remember to the market guy and I became nervous.
Previous to the diner Gill and Charlotte showed me a magic card turn and I was dumbstruck. I ate a vegan taco, chips and strawberry. And that all .


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