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Sunday 5th August

Batardon Leo le 05 août 2018 à 17h23
I took the car to go to Saint Gervais. My parents, Mark, Chloe and I drank water next to the pool. I dived in the pool before lunch.
Then we went to Saint Nicholas de Veroce for the "fête du village". We played wooden games and we came back to the chalet. We played a game with cards called crib. It was difficult but I begin to anderstand ! We stopped the game because it started to rain. 


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Batardon Leomer. 08 août à 22h03
hello Léo... my english isn't so good so i hope that you will understand what i want to tell you!! i wasn't a very good student at school in english... so I don't write very well english.. !!i was better in mathematics!! but.. i will just send you big kiss from Annemasse!! ! and i hope you enjoy your language holidays!!! see you very soon!!
Batardon Leolun. 06 août à 09h17
Hello Léo , yesterday we swam in the lake of Passy. It was very deep and clean. I tried to sink carrying a stone, it was funny ,,,,I hope you enjoy the swimming pool. I all anderstood what you wrote!!!!!continue, it'school to have your news!!!! Rémi
Batardon Leolun. 06 août à 07h56
Felicity here: Hello Leo! Be careful as 'crib' is a very addictive game! It is good for your English, but also very good for your maths!
Batardon Leodim. 05 août à 21h54
Well donne for this text in perfect!!!!! Good job!!!! I hope you begin to understand what Chloë and Mark say ! I hope you begin to try to speak a little!!! We went to Passy and dived there. Then we went to papymamie, it was papy'sbirthday..we ate a fruitsalad. Papy is fit.papy and mamie kiss you. Then we went at home. The Storm begin only now at ten!!!!! Have a nice day tomorrow!my greetings to Cloë and Mark!

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