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Thursday 9 August

Batardon Leo le 09 août 2018 à 18h34
Last night, we had dinner of pasta and flapjacks but I ate too many flapjacks ! We watched a film in english called Apollo 13. It's a very good film, during all the film we thought that the astronauts were going to die ! But no.
Today : rain, rain and... rain ! for breakfast I ate porridge with toast and jam. The porridge is a very Scottish meal. We did the last lesson about books. Then I played Jenga with Mark and we did architecture with the pieces of the game. We had lunch soup and cauliflower cheese ! We played a long, long, long and very long Monopoly and I won with 2 thousand and 6 hundred !!!! I was happy ! Then I played Guess Who  with an American child. And I won...


Recipe for flapjacksJenga architectureMonopoly richesMy tower

4 commentaires

Batardon Leoven. 10 août à 13h34
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO! Have a nice day Séverine Papy Mamy
Batardon Leoven. 10 août à 09h39
Hello, you will cook this flapjacks for your Dad ! and maybe for your brother!!!! Happy birthday !!!! enjoy this sunny day!!! kisses, mam
Batardon Leoven. 10 août à 09h36
Hi, now I can do the rubik's cube without instructions ! 2minutes for the 3X3 ! nice, isn't it ? ?!!!
Have a nice day for your birthday ! Rémi
Batardon Leojeu. 09 août à 20h36
Hello the winner!!!! The architecture is very nice!,, rain rain rain too in Jura,,,,and I do a lot of things very interesting : defrost the fridge, clean the floors, iron the clothes....tomorrow Will be better!!!! Good evening, mam
Your dad says seing the pictures :"stand straight for your back"

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