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Les séjours linguistiques en famille, c'est possible!

SuperAdmin SuperAdmin le 05 mars 2019 à 15h12
How did the Dubus family - Marie, Arthur and Agathe - get on with their family homestay in Normandy during the February holidays?
Here is what their host, Peter, had to say
"We had an action-packed week, with superb weather. Both children thoroughly enjoyed their horse riding lessons, and we had a great time at the zoo on Wednesday. All three took part in cooking and animal care activities, with enjoyment - both Agathe and Arthur wanted to take the goat home with them, I think!
Agathe was a prolific artist, and we have a lovely picture of our goat. Arthur particularly excelled at cooking, and he took to the horse-riding extremely well".
 Thank you Peter and Joy for being such lovely hosts!
Si vous souhaitez plus d'informations sur nos séjours linguistiques en famille, cliquez ici.

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