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'I couldn't have had more English in 2 days'

Bettina le 29 avr. 2019 à 14h43
Nous savons que les séjours linguistiques en immersion sont très efficaces pour les enfants, mais c'est aussi vrai pour les adultes.
Voici le retour d'expérience de Christel 43 ans sur ses 2 jours en immersion dans une famille anglaise vivant en France.

"I got home safely and I had a very good time with Chloe and Mark.

They were  very available for me and we spent the whole time speaking. It helped me to gain confidence and to improve my English. Listening to them helped me to remind me what I had at the back of my head and practising helped me  to be more confident, more fluent. Mark and Chloe are lovely people and I enjoyed sharing ideas with them.

We did some jewelery, we went for a hike and we talked about everything and anything. They are very good at dealing with any topic. I couldn't have had more English in 2 days."

Pour en savoir plus sur nos séjours adulte, cliquez ici.

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