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Become a host family with my English Family

Share your culture and lifestyle with a teenager from France: it is a very rewarding experience both for the student and your family!

If you would like to host students and you live in France,
please contact my English Family

What is a my English Family homestay

  • Guests can he aged from 9 years old to adults
  • Only one student at a time: this helps you share at the best your culture, lifestyle and language. 
  • My English Family can send several students at a time but only upon the client requests for siblings or 2 friends or a whole family togethr
  • Homestays can last from 24h up to 2 or 3 weeks

Why become a host family 

  • Flexible program:
You decide who, when and how often you will be hosting.
Nothing is imposed upon you: neither students nor a minimum of homestays to do per yer nor when you host.
Thanks to Guestbook, our match-making platform, host families can share information about their profile and their requirements for hosting.
You can update your availabilities, therefore you appear to potential clients only when you are available.
You can also decide to refuse a request for a homestay if you feel the student doesn't fit your family.
  • Work from home
  • A rewarding experience
Being a host family will change your guest's life forever! For a teenager from France, sharing the life of an anglophone family is a dream come true. It is also a unique opportunity to improve their English and learn more about your culture.
For the host family, it helps you get to know the French lifstyle and culture better.

Why choose my English Family

  • Premium brand, my English Family has been sending students since 2015.
  • My English Family focuses on excellence and personnlization. Each experience is taylor-made for the student but also for the host.
  • 100% of our host have a satisfied to a very satisfied experience working with my English Family

    What’s the role of a host family ?

    • To offer a supportive and friendly environment for learning English
    • To encourage the student to speak English and participate fully in family life
    • To ensure the student’s welfare and safety during their stay

What do you need to become a host family?

English is the mother tongue of at least one adult in the household and the language spoken at home.

You will need to provide information about your family, photos, an up-to-dated criminal record check and a copy of your household insurance.
my English Family will visit your house and provide Homestay Welcome Training.

If you are offering English lessons, you will need to provide proof of a teaching qualification or experience.
You will also undertake my English Family’s Homestay Teaching Training.

There is no minimum commitment – you can host whenever it suits you.

What’s a typical host family like?

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes !

  • Families with children, from babies to teenagers
  • Retired or semi-retired couples whose children have left home
  • Young professionals without children
  • 100% Anglophone or Anglo-French
  • English Teachers and non-teachers

Friendly and welcoming, you have a spare room and are happy to share your language and culture with a student.

You are active and would enjoy taking your guests to visit the local area.
English is the only or main language you speak at home.

Do families get paid for hosting students?

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