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Become a host family

If you would like to host students and you live in France or Switzerland,
please get in touch with my English Family.

What’s a typical host family like?

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes !

  • Families with children, from babies to teenagers
  • Retired or semi-retired couples whose children have left home
  • Young professionals without children
  • 100% Anglophone or Anglo-French
  • Teachers and non-teachers

Friendly and welcoming, you have a spare room and are happy to share your language and culture with a student. You are active and would enjoy taking your guests to visit the local area. English is the only or main language you speak at home.


What’s the role of a host family ?

  • To offer a supportive and friendly environment for learning English
  • To encourage the student to speak English and participate fully in family life
  • To ensure the student’s welfare and safety during their stay

What do you need to become a host family?

You will need to provide information about your family, photos, an up-to-date criminal record check and a copy of your household insurance. my English Family will visit your house and provide Homestay Welcome Training.

If you are offering English lessons, you will need to provide proof of a teaching qualification or experience.

You will also undertake my English Family’s Homestay Teaching Training.

There is no minimum commitment – you can host whenever it suits you.


Do families get paid for hosting students?

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